Data Management – Data Entry

More than just another off shore Data Entry Company

In Requordit, we specialize in High Quality Data Entry and Processing. Our Enterprise Content Data Management expertise allows us to integrate and work seamlessly from within our client’s ECM software suite. This unique approach to high volume Data Entry optimizes resources and maximizes our impact in our client’s business processes.


Based in Mexico City, our Data Entry team is available when you need it most. Because we work when you do, we can act (and react) swiftly and promptly, offering customer support in real time, during YOUR business hours.

Here at Requordit, we understand Data Management is just the beginning, and your business needs to feel confortable relying on us for that all important first step towards greater goals. We tailor each and every Data Entry proyect to meet our client’s specific needs. Determining SLA’s based on our customers business, is the key to delivering high quality and time efficient services.
SLA’s include:
flecha Minimun daily processing volume
flecha Over 90% processing quality

Our Data Entry services include, data entry, data processing, and data capturing. We use a vast array of capture technologies ranging from manual typing to OCR and Icap (Intelligent Capture). On the other end we are able to deliver Data Entry Records to in the format they need (.doc, .xls, .xml, ASCII, etc.) and even on your existing ECM software.

Flexibility is key

In Requordit we understand sometimes it’s hard to predict how much information your company will need to process in the future. That’s why we developed a scalable business model, allowing our customers to increase or decrease their monthly volume needs, but also securing resource availability for the duration of the contract.